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    Partially flooded remains of Calderwood Baptist Church in the ghost town of Calderwood, Tennessee.  Calderwood was a town built by ALCOA(Aluminum Company of America) during the construction of Calderwood Dam. Once the dam was finished in 1930, people began to slowly leave Calderwood to find work elsewhere in neighboring towns. It had a school, movie theater, grocery store, and two churches. Calderwood was completely abandoned by the 1960s.

    Calderwood Baptist Church was built in 1954 and was used as a place of worship until the 1980s. The church has since fallen into disrepair, the ceiling has recently caved in and sometime in the past, the sewer had backed up into the basement, flooding it.


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    .”Blade Runner” directed by Ridley Scott

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    Greg Girard

    Phantom Shangai

    Phantom Shanghai, with a foreword by William Gibson, is a portrait of Shanghai as the city transformed itself in the first years of the 21st Century. Preserved by a kind of benign neglect in the decades following Mao’s victory in 1949, Shanghai was directed to “catch up” in the 1990s. Phantom Shanghai is the record of the unique moment when the early 20th Century city was being demolished while the new Shanghai was being built in its rubble.

    Published by Magenta Publishing for the Arts, 2007.


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    Deserted Convent , Umzumbe, South Africa Album in comments

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    Only had a phone camera available at the time when stumbling upon the place. Here is the album: http://imgur.com/a/apJX3

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    Photo by John Fink: Students having classes in a destroyed school, Angola, 1997

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    #industrial #cityscape

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    photography by simon leipelt

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    Claustrophobia by marcske

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    Crazies wandered these halls. And still do. Asylum. New Jersey

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